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Keiper's Journal
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Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
6:24 pm
I don't think there is any one I know any more that posts. I do continue to read journals somewhat linked to my interests though. Anyway too many things have happened since I last posted that it is to difficult to catch up. but right now I feel kind of lonely like no one really knows who I am. there is more to me than being a mom and a nurse.

Current Mood: flogged
Sunday, March 21st, 2004
11:54 pm
My LiveJournal Sitcom
Life With von (TNN, 11:00): von (David Hasselhoff) bakes 500 cookies for a bake sale, but captbut007 (Jeff Bridges) eats them all. On the other side of town, jillzywitch (Mila Kunis) eats sing_to_me (Morgan Fairchild)'s raspberry cheesecake. Meanwhile, thegame1973 (Tia Carrere) convinces onthinice (Erika Christensen) to buy a PDA. Later that day, thesodapimp (Al Jolson) breaks silentounce (Danny Kaye)'s old 100-meter-dash record, but nobody sees it happen. At the same time, jaysinb (Ben Vereen) and sidhartha (Tom Cavanaugh) write a children's book. Parental discretion advised.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)
i still love doing these!
11:46 pm
11:11 pm
gloomy outlook
Happy Deathday!
Your name: von
You will die on: Sunday, April 17, 2022
You will die of: Didn't wait 30 minutes before swimming

Created by Quill
i remember doing this test so i did it again the year changed but the situation did not.

A long time ago some psychic person told my mom i was going to die in water. since then i've had several close calls around water. but it does not scare me.

I'm greatly fearful of and intrigued at the same time of the following; tornado's, tidal waves, outer space, and life after death.

Current Mood: soda with out the fizz
10:40 pm
outdated rantings
The midnight hour delivers solitude. It has been some time since I could just sit by myself and reflect. I used to faithfully place my headphones on my ears and fill with music to set my mood. I was used to loosing myself or finding what I wanted in myself. Majority of my life was spent in fantasy. I would visualize and have pretend conversation. I was in love with illusions.

My life is wonderful but does need some improvement.

The improvement- I do not have my job and the nursing home. I began employment two months after Caleb's birth. I work eve shift the whole time missing many important moments with my son. I was told my many that the staff I was to work with was very difficult to work with and that there has not been a steady nurse on this floor for some time. I gave it a try anyway. I have a family to support now so I gave it my best. I thought for a while it was going okay with the staff that is. but then it fell apart. One of the aides that I worked with had enough of the floor's troubles and walked off. I was upset to loose this person she cared for the residents and made everyone laugh. well the night she walked off the floor there was so much activity and of course I was already doing work enough for at least two nurses. {Note to self never let them know I can do I.V. therapy.}I remember being in a residents room doing a lengthy dressing change and hearing an iv beeping and knowing that iv belonged to a resident who is increasingly confused. I shouted out to the aide who was in hearing range to see about the resident with the I.V. the aide was so frustrated for she was just in there and felt her job not in control and perhaps took my shouting out to her as a way of telling her she was not doing enough. That was not the case my problem was I just could not be everywhere at once either and I was upset at out situation not her. But she left anyway. She was telling the other aides that she could not take it for some time but that night she was mad at me. The reason was never given the aides just said she was already upset but perhaps I had set her over the edge. so to compensate for her loss i finished her work and in doing so I injured my neck so now I have a disk in my neck slipped out.
I'm undergoing therapy for my neck
It only hurts when I’m trying to sleep
I have a pain in my neck.

Well when that aide left not only did I lose help on the floor, I also lost eighty dollars. I gave her the products she ordered from an SMC magazine before I received payment. Later I was told that she had no intention of ever paying me back. All of the aides were friends and might I add this is the only job I have ever been on where I did not make friends or could be social by any means. I felt singled out like I did not fit in. I felt like a junior high student. Any way I had another incident with an aide that i had liked. I noticed a change in attitude for some time slowly declining. She showed signs of fatigue as well. She was on the assignment the other aide that walked off was on. But she verbally abused a resident. I was in shock. I tried to handle the situation the best way I knew possible. Being professional as possible but some things were not prepared for. Now I felt like an even smaller child choking and searching for stumbling upon words. Of course leaving details aside she was fired. And I hated it. I wish she did not do what she did I was I could have prevented it. But that is ridiculous. Just because I'm the charge nurse does not mean I have all the answers for total peace and harmony. Then I had another aide that I have been working closely with. She was a character in an interesting way. She was very vocal in her opinions. She was the one rich with compliments and in the next breath insulting. For some time I thought all was well between us professionally. but after her friend was fired she had a major distaste for me. On a Friday all was well with us but on a Monday she gave me nothing but grief. We could not work together. Even more details not typed happened. And I left the facility.
I can't sleep over the situation
But, I can move my neck better.

So I'm searching for employment.
And like the rest of the world I'm in some debt...heh heh some.... not
a shit load!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well one thing I've enjoyed is my time with Caleb. He is walking now!!!! He will be a year Feb 8th. I'm having his party at my home.
I've also had the opportunity to sit for Destiny and Xavier. Being a house mom with all three of them is a challenge. I do enjoy it though.

Today Destiny watched Flash Gordon it is her favorite video in our house.......weird.
I took the kids to the mall today and my stroller is for one so I had some creative ways carting those children about.

We had a laugh we are selling things on ebay and we researched other topics to see what sells and we were very surprised with all the "odd" people out there. Any time you get bored look up socks on ebay. There are strange foot fetish people out there.

Good night ~V.
Tuesday, August 26th, 2003
1:00 am
My LiveJournal Sitcom
von In The City (TNN, 11:00): von (David Hasselhoff) trades television sets with sing_to_me (Morgan Fairchild). Later, captbut007 (Jeff Bridges) overhears shadowhunter (Bette Midler) talking about secular humanism. In the next town over, jaysinb (Ben Vereen) takes thegame1973 (Tia Carrere) bowling. Meanwhile, silentounce (Danny Kaye) hypnotizes sidhartha (Tom Cavanaugh) but it doesn't work. The next day, dragking (Adam Baldwin) makes lots of money playing guitar on the street and makes jillzywitch (Mila Kunis) jealous. Insanity ensues.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)
Saturday, July 19th, 2003
11:38 am
Any Shadowrun stories online anywhere?
You excel at Transfiguration. One of the most
dificult classes, you seem to be a natural at
turning a coke bottle into a homework pass.

Which Class at Hogwarts Would You Excel at?
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speaking of magic....I'm going to roll up a charecter for shadowrun. I wish to tackle a street mage and of course be an Elf. Problem is I have not yet played a charecter with magic abilities and I realise they are more difficult or more challenging to play. trouble is anyone I play with is far more experienced then myself and I just long to play like it was second nature. I wonder if there are any intersting stories I could find on the internet or better yet on this favorite site. Anyone game out there????
I would like some short strories Shadowrun`esque. so I could get a feel of what possibilities I could encounter and dream up similar or alternative situations.

Current Mood: dorky
3:55 am
What rating is your journal?

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Current Mood: curious
2:09 am
I got drugs..........prescribed by my doc that helped my head a bit. the medicine was to cure my migraine. It's side effects....a headache. well at least the degree of pain has drastically decreased. I was taking Imitrex and the first hour after taking it gave me the worst head in a vice pain. At least now I'm not sick to my tummy and I can see. And lights are not as painful but then again they always bothers me since I'm a creature of the night.

Well I'm up right now for my son has a belly ache. I think he got all the gas pain out and now I'm fueling him up again just hope it will not create more upset. I use enfamil formula for him and when I run out I have a back up formula in the cupboard that was free of charge from the grocery store. And when I use the back up formula he tends to suffer gas or constipation. but not all times. I have had problems keeping the enfamil stocked up. strange in some grocery stores they keep the formula locked up with the cigarrets. And today the grocery store did not have shelving for the enfamil and I bought the last one. The grocery store keeps promoting this carnation good start. they give away the coupons for free containers then money off coupons. The formula I prefer is very fine powder unlike the other brand it is so thick and grainy. There are so many tests being done on infants drinking formula. And of course I choose the formula that has proven to be closest to breast milk. So why is it disapearing? Well all I can say is I can't wait till caleb can drink moo juice like myself. It is so much cheeper and available.

Current Mood: weird
Wednesday, July 16th, 2003
10:29 pm
I have a migraine. I can not look at this screen for much longer. feel sorry for my husband for i am cranky! grrrrrrr.
10:27 pm

I am 92% evil.
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evil grins*
Thursday, July 10th, 2003
1:25 am
Happy Deathday!
Your name: von
You will die on: Wednesday, August 4, 2021
You will die of: Didn't wait 30 minutes before swimming

Created by Quill

Add this to your journal:
Happy Deathday!
Your name:von
You will die on:Wednesday, August 4, 2021
You will die of:Didn't wait 30 minutes before swimming
Created by Quill
Sunday, May 19th, 2002
12:29 am
The Jedi Webb

which Episode II character are you?

Probably the greatest Jedi Knight of all. Like Obi Wan, you are wise and keep your feet on the ground at all times. You will not be outsmarted by anyone. You are always faithful to your friends. Be careful though, danger lurks around every corner - you could even be betrayed by those closest to you.

<a hehe I'm obi-wan! to me he looked like the typical Jesus. But i know that is not what Jesus should have looked like he was Mediterranean not Irish. hmmmm. but at any rate I thought Obi-wan was very attractive. I loved episode 2. I thought all the scenes were aw-struck! and the plot thickens but the dialog was weak the acting was like that of a high school play. Strange all these movies have all this romantic tale to it. I saw Spider man as well. I loved this film as well but I just never depicted spider man as this romantic fellow. Don't get me wrong I love romance but I don't need it to rule the story line in these types of movies. There are so many great films out I can't believe it. I saw Star Wars Attack of the clones twice Thursday. I viewed it with two different groups. The first Alex and I met up with Sid and some of his friends and the second was after my four hours of work (hehe) with Michelle and her friends. I really enjoyed the theater in cuyahoga hts. valley view. The area felt like I went into a time warp. very diff to explain only because it is to late and i need sleep. Besides all these cool movies I have had the pleasure of seeing, I got to go to Cedar point on Mother's Day. there were no lines. I got to ride everything multiple times. and by far the best roller coaster is the millennium force. OH MY GOD! Jay went with me the fist time it was very special. I had a blast with Jay and Randy and his friend Monte. I'm so glad me and Michelle are hanging out as well. The other night we went out to a diner and talked then went to Deco and watched a Drag show. We danced and had a great time. Jay said the way we were dancing you would have thought Michelle and I were a couple. we had a blast. Well I'm off to bed to dream...Oh and might I add I was just visiting my mother and she is doing so well and I am so relieved about it. Her new home is beautiful and so is what her and her husband are doing. They have been involved with projects to help build home or restore/ repair houses for the poor. his local chapter in his union got involved and my mom helps with the labor. I may get involved with my friend Jenn and volunteer at the elementary school i used to attend and play with the kindergarten class. well i know i will not be teaching kids to spell agh my spelling is terrible and grammar for that fact. eek anytime I get online it is late and I'm sleepy. so goodnight all.
Friday, April 26th, 2002
1:55 pm
not von
but me
Monday, April 15th, 2002
12:32 am
my nephew, Xavier is in the hospital. he has pneumonia in both lungs. He was dehydrated and had very poor coloring. the poor thing has been through so much I pray he keeps holding on and gets stronger. He is nine pounds now and about four months old. He is a strong little man. I miss the fellow. I wish I could hold him right now. I know he is in good hands. Strange my ex-boyfriend Eddie is his nurse and he has taken great care of him. funny thing is I was the one who talked Eddie into becoming a nurse. And here he is nursing my nephew back to health. I talked to Heather tonight and she sounds tired. This must be so rough on her and Destiny. I believe they will all get better soon.
12:08 am
i am

what sexual performer are you?

you like sex. in a way you think there's more to it than merely breeding and propagating, you add romance to it. you like to have relationships, no matter how they end. you lead quite a life beyond drinking latte and hating your work. you have fun with friends, read and watch films quite a lot. you have no intention of being single for life and you find careers out of an endless string of deadend jobs.

you like to give and receive pleasure and you do it quite well. you are quite intimate with partners. sex is always satisfying.

oral sex? you definitely know how to give one.

sexual positions? you acquired some from here and there.

Current Mood: loved
Thursday, April 11th, 2002
12:20 am
reflections of.....
I had an extra long day today. And noone to blame but myself. well friday will be my anniversay of one year at my employment. I celebrate that my depression did not consume me and that somehow I continue on...... It makes it so much better having all these positive changes.....let's see what I have accomplished in one year from today! I finally got out of my house and got a job for starters and did not care if the pay was low i just needed to start somewhere.....Jay moved in (he is a blessing). Charlie my cat entered my life! Jay and I take a trip to New Jersey and New York. The World Trade Center got me down but I kept going.From the tragedy I made contact with my grandparents. I got to meet Peter Steele!!!! and who knows how he wanted me:) I got very ill and went to the hospital. I felt alone but realized I was shutting everyone out and let one person determine my happiness, I made myself miserable. I stopped contact with Ray and let the pieces fall. I dropped everything and fled to my sister's aide.....My Nephew was born!!!!!!I moved to Cleveland to a huge appartment. I became a compputer junky. I kissed my best friend "Alex" for the first time in the sun/plant room. I fell in love with Alex. I went to North Carolina to meet the easter bunny with Heather, Alex, Destiny, and Xavier. I have learned many crafts, floral design, scrapbooking, painting and all kinds of odd crafts. I've accomplished many things at the craft store and found a great group of people to work with. I now have a bit of a social life now. I get to go to the gay bars with my friends and we have a blast! I even get on stage from time to time being part of the entertainment. of course they are only game shows but who know there is a dance routine to be learned! there are so many changes with me that all happened this year. I grew as a person in many leavels. with family, the importance of it. with my job and the leadership roles I hold knowing full well I do not give orders to boost egos, I delegate when appropriate and respect everyone. Most of the people i work with have such great potential and are very talented. I learn from them and I grow because of them. I need them. I grew because of my friends. Thank-you Jay for really being there.and Rochelle that girl has seen me through my pshycho days of therapy and what not, thank-you for your understanding and support. Thank-you Sid(Jojo) for always being there for me even when I shut you out! And to Heather my very best friend and sister, You are the very best...you know me completly and never back down. Thank-you for always being you. And for the Two blessings in my life Destiny and Xavier. My life changed with the miracle of his birth and her arms and legs wrapped arround me. I love those kids more than "the moon is big" ~words from Destiny. I think we all should make extra time in our life to play candyland! This year I woke up and realized the things that are important to me. I just have to keep my head up and have faith in myself that i can keep going.........and I have to wonder where i'm going with this hehe I'm so sleepy now......

Current Mood: sleepy
Monday, April 8th, 2002
12:55 am
lethargic, lunic, lazy day.....I spent the major part of my day in slumber. about 6p.m we ventured to the outside world. we decided to take a walk along edgewater park. it was a soothing violet evening. we got the slightest scent of a fire burning in some grill. it made me long to go camping. and all I could do was fantasize about moving to N.C. with Alex. all though the actual planning is stressful. so I never know when or how any of my dreams will happen. I just believe they will and i'm just enjoying the ride there. I don't want to rush anything I just like to know were on the same page. I feel we are I just don't want him uncomfortable. I just wish I could have an idea of what kind of time line he is working with. hmmmmmmm.........it is late and I'm up talking with Jay now. so this screen has been up for a while now...it is now two a.m. i'm still full from the food I ate at the dinner. I like all the quaint diner's we find around this area. living in Cleveland has been an interesting experience. but i need a trip away again. jay and I are talking about going somewhere for the weekend. we shall see.

gloria gloria the song she sings it like a vibrating goat. go jay go! remembering the movie "willo"

......laura is here so i am off line now......

Current Mood: enthralled
Wednesday, March 27th, 2002
12:33 am
life savers

Find out which Life Saver you are.

I had the best trip ever! Of course I went to North Carolina!!!! I went with Alex....and let me just say this was one trip that I took that for the most part did not feel like a trip. I had the best time traveling in the car with him. We played music that I have not had the chance to hear in a long time. I realized we had more in common than I thought. I could not believe I had any anxiety about the trip. I worried that I would bore him, instead he was interested. I feel I can tell him anything. I am safe!

He played uncle to my niece and nephew and brother to my sis. We all went to the mall to visit the Easter bunny. we got a family photo together and all of us were bright eyed and smiling. well at least Xavier was bight eyed and content.:) Seeing Xavier brought tears of joy. and Destiny wrapped her arms around me and could not tell me enough how she missed me and how much she loved me. And Heather was so grateful for she knew I was there for her and we missed each other so much. She was so happy for me and Alex. It was great to be united again. Heather laughed in remembrance of our social gatherings when we were in school together. she reminded me of how we used to follow Alex at the mall and hang out at coffee shops, book-stores and such just so I could be in his presence. Heather was always there for me and she still is! I can't believe I liked Alex since I was 15 years old. but with all the other significant others in our lives we only became friends. But I always found it difficult to hang out with him. It was easier to talk to him online. I could be myself with out choking when i looked at him. we became closer. for the first time i was not actively thinking i wanted him selfishly. instead i was just loving who he was and was a supportive friend. and in this relaxation grew something i will forever cherish. I had a relaxing day on the couch i got to watch Dune with Alex and Excalibur with my Dad. and now I'm off to lala land. And pray I do not dream of hacking sand worms with an Excalibur sword.

Current Mood: geeky
Thursday, March 21st, 2002
2:36 am
me a princess?

Disney Princesses
Which of the Disney Princesses are you?

I remember buying this movie when it came out. and now my sister has it. I thought she should because of Destiny. Now she has two little ones. And someday I may have my own. So I still need to get my disney movies. I love animation. I enjoy anime as well. I would love a copy of "ninja scroll" (my fav.) and "ghost in the shell" and another fav was "vampire hunter D."

I will be traveling to North Carolina hopfully tomorrow night or fri morning. I will finally get to hold my nephew and play with my niece. And of course chat it up with my sis. Alex will be joining me on this trip. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I wish this was a vacation but it is only a weekend thing and I'm there for my sis. I will have to take Alex again to show him the smokie mountains and all my old stomp in grounds.

Okay it is late I need to sleep but Jay is here playing cards on the dream scape system. It is like vegas......the female voice tells him he is straight....little does she know....

I've got some Concrete blonde running through my head... I love the somg "Darkening of the light"

Current Mood: excited
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