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reflections of.....

I had an extra long day today. And noone to blame but myself. well friday will be my anniversay of one year at my employment. I celebrate that my depression did not consume me and that somehow I continue on...... It makes it so much better having all these positive changes.....let's see what I have accomplished in one year from today! I finally got out of my house and got a job for starters and did not care if the pay was low i just needed to start somewhere.....Jay moved in (he is a blessing). Charlie my cat entered my life! Jay and I take a trip to New Jersey and New York. The World Trade Center got me down but I kept going.From the tragedy I made contact with my grandparents. I got to meet Peter Steele!!!! and who knows how he wanted me:) I got very ill and went to the hospital. I felt alone but realized I was shutting everyone out and let one person determine my happiness, I made myself miserable. I stopped contact with Ray and let the pieces fall. I dropped everything and fled to my sister's aide.....My Nephew was born!!!!!!I moved to Cleveland to a huge appartment. I became a compputer junky. I kissed my best friend "Alex" for the first time in the sun/plant room. I fell in love with Alex. I went to North Carolina to meet the easter bunny with Heather, Alex, Destiny, and Xavier. I have learned many crafts, floral design, scrapbooking, painting and all kinds of odd crafts. I've accomplished many things at the craft store and found a great group of people to work with. I now have a bit of a social life now. I get to go to the gay bars with my friends and we have a blast! I even get on stage from time to time being part of the entertainment. of course they are only game shows but who know there is a dance routine to be learned! there are so many changes with me that all happened this year. I grew as a person in many leavels. with family, the importance of it. with my job and the leadership roles I hold knowing full well I do not give orders to boost egos, I delegate when appropriate and respect everyone. Most of the people i work with have such great potential and are very talented. I learn from them and I grow because of them. I need them. I grew because of my friends. Thank-you Jay for really being there.and Rochelle that girl has seen me through my pshycho days of therapy and what not, thank-you for your understanding and support. Thank-you Sid(Jojo) for always being there for me even when I shut you out! And to Heather my very best friend and sister, You are the very know me completly and never back down. Thank-you for always being you. And for the Two blessings in my life Destiny and Xavier. My life changed with the miracle of his birth and her arms and legs wrapped arround me. I love those kids more than "the moon is big" ~words from Destiny. I think we all should make extra time in our life to play candyland! This year I woke up and realized the things that are important to me. I just have to keep my head up and have faith in myself that i can keep going.........and I have to wonder where i'm going with this hehe I'm so sleepy now......
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