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life savers

Find out which Life Saver you are.

I had the best trip ever! Of course I went to North Carolina!!!! I went with Alex....and let me just say this was one trip that I took that for the most part did not feel like a trip. I had the best time traveling in the car with him. We played music that I have not had the chance to hear in a long time. I realized we had more in common than I thought. I could not believe I had any anxiety about the trip. I worried that I would bore him, instead he was interested. I feel I can tell him anything. I am safe!

He played uncle to my niece and nephew and brother to my sis. We all went to the mall to visit the Easter bunny. we got a family photo together and all of us were bright eyed and smiling. well at least Xavier was bight eyed and content.:) Seeing Xavier brought tears of joy. and Destiny wrapped her arms around me and could not tell me enough how she missed me and how much she loved me. And Heather was so grateful for she knew I was there for her and we missed each other so much. She was so happy for me and Alex. It was great to be united again. Heather laughed in remembrance of our social gatherings when we were in school together. she reminded me of how we used to follow Alex at the mall and hang out at coffee shops, book-stores and such just so I could be in his presence. Heather was always there for me and she still is! I can't believe I liked Alex since I was 15 years old. but with all the other significant others in our lives we only became friends. But I always found it difficult to hang out with him. It was easier to talk to him online. I could be myself with out choking when i looked at him. we became closer. for the first time i was not actively thinking i wanted him selfishly. instead i was just loving who he was and was a supportive friend. and in this relaxation grew something i will forever cherish. I had a relaxing day on the couch i got to watch Dune with Alex and Excalibur with my Dad. and now I'm off to lala land. And pray I do not dream of hacking sand worms with an Excalibur sword.
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